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Children may exhibit some of these behaviors without cause for concern. Occupational Therapy may be recommended when a number of the following behaviors interefere with your child's daily activities or learning. Call for an evaluation or more information if needed.


Does your child:

  • Have poor fine motor skills?

  • Have poor gross motor skills?

  • Have an awkward pencil grip?

  • Have erratic school work?

  • Seem unorganized at home or school?

  • Frequently make letter or numeral reversals?

  • Have sloppy or illegible handwriting?

  • Seem uncoordinated or clumsy?

  • Seem to be in constant motion?

  • Have trouble following directions?

  • Have a poor attention span?

  • Have trouble socializing with peers?

  • Have a poor self esteem or easily frustrated?

  • Seem inflexible?

  • Have difficulty with transitions or changes in plans?

  • Have an unusually high or low activity level?

  • Tire more easily than others?

  • Seem impulsive or accident-prone?

  • Have weak or floppy muscles?

  • Dislike being touched by others?

  • Have specific likes or dislikes with food or textures?

  • Avoid certain clothing or fabric?

  • Seem overly sensitive to sounds or light?

  • Avoid playground equipment?

  • Spin or twirl more often than others?

  • Get carsick often?

  • Unusually fussy as an infant?

  • Have difficulty regulating sleep/wake cycle as an infant?​

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