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     Sensory Processing is the neurological process of organizing and interpreting all of the information we receive through our body from our senses. Sensory experiences include touch, taste, smell, vision, body awareness, sound, movement and the pull of gravity. This process usually occurs automatically and without conscious effort throughout our lives.

     Efficient integration is essential for maintaining optimal attention and arousal, communicating, performing daily activities, moving, writing and learning.

     Sensory Integrative Therapy helps children feel comfortable and "Just Right" so they can function appropriately at home, school or in the community.  


Sensory Processing:

We also offer:

  • Help for Middle Schoolers with Organization and School Work

  • Listening Programs for improving attention and concentration

  • Sensory Processing (Integration) Therapy

  • Handwriting Programs

  • Individualized Therapy and Home Programs

  • Infant Maturation

  • Facilitation of Gross and Fine Motor Development

  • Visual Motor Skills

  • And Much More!


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